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Environmental Shockers: Anger Into Action!


Environmental Shockers: Anger Into Action!

Jess: Having recently been inspired by the BBC documentary ‘Extinction: the Facts’ presented Sir David Attenborough, I have a real fire in my belly to make a few changes in my journey to living more lightly. There is no doubt that we all need to become more discerning in our choices as consumers. It may feel overwhelming to become a model ‘eco-family’ but it needn’t be. Each change for the better is a positive step in the right direction and deserves praise. If we all continue to make these changes, together we will really make a difference to this fragile planet. So, here goes, a few little things you might like to try :

  1. Limit your food waste: Plan your shopping and buy only what you need. Compost what you can, use leftovers and freeze more food for later. (

  2. Buy ethical or second-hand clothes instead of new as often as possible. (

  3. Think about your journeys. Do you really need to go? Can you combine the journey with something else you need to do? Can you walk or cycle or use public transport instead of the car? (

  4. Use reusable items instead of disposable ones: (

  5. Stay informed - know your facts and constantly be on the lookout for improvements you can make to live a lighter life.

You’ve already started thinking about your eco-journey so now put your thoughts into actions. We’d love to hear about the changes you are keen to make for a more eco-friendly lifestyle!


I watched BBC’s War on Plastic last week. The documentary was on last year but they did a catch up programme more recently. Brilliant viewing. Brilliant because I got educated, I got inspired, I got informed and I got a reality check!

A few things that stood out for me:

  • Recycling. We feel that we have done the right thing when we recycle plastic - when we collect it all up, wash it and put it out for the council to collect. But some of our plastic is being sent abroad where it is breaking down into smaller parts and being swept into rivers. Or being burnt to dispose of it causing harmful fumes which people are breathing in. Or just being piled up in shocking amounts and left. Sadly, not to rot. Because it doesn’t. The programme found recycling bags with the names and logos of local councils. It’s impossible to deny that the recycling schemes in our country are saying one thing and doing another. Not all. But it is happening.

  • Plastic’s presence. E.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Recent studies are showing that it’s in the air we are breathing now. The programme did a study in two average houses in Bristol and measured plastic particles in the air small enough to get into our airways. They haven’t done studies yet to find out what the impact is on our bodies. I find this shocking and really, really worrying.

  • Plastic’s lurking. I think plastic looks hard and shiny (as in a toy) or crinkly (as in packaging). I don’t think plastic looks like most of the clothes I wear, wet wipes, my tea bags. But all those things commonly contain plastic. Many of them don’t list plastic as a recognisable ingredient making it really hard for a consumer to make informed choices.

Jess and I tend to shy away from ‘being too negative’. We believe that we need positive energy to enable change and action. It’s hard to put a positive spin on the reality though. Watching the series made me angry. It also made me make some changes in my relationship with plastic!

Watch these documentaries - essential viewing for us all!

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