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(as featured in The London Link)

Don’t you just hate those people who started a business in lockdown? And the ones who did Joe Wicks everyday? And those people whose alcohol intake stayed the same? Don’t you just hate them!?

OK, OK, I was one of them. But it wasn’t my fault! The walrus made me do it! (But for the record, I only did Joe Wicks once and I definitely increased my wine intake, so I’m not ALL bad).

David Attenborough has a film sequence in some of his recent work that shows a population of walruses who have lost so much of their natural habitat due to environmental degradation that there is only one small beach left where they can congregate on. The footage shows thousands of them all crammed onto this small beach, all on top of each other. They are so tightly packed that some are forced to move up the side of the cliff to try and get some space. Walruses aren’t made for climbing cliffs. The violent scenes of them falling off the cliffs onto the rocks below deeply affected me. Our behaviour as a species is to blame. It’s seeing things like those walruses plunging to their death that moved me to act. I couldn’t just sit and watch without doing something.

As a teacher, I see the hope and potential of the next generation and so it was to them that my attention naturally went. I have a neighbour who is a kindred spirit and magic happens when we work together. We put our heads together and as a result, The Planet Action Kit was born.

We have spent six months trialing different methods, styles and content. We have learnt a lot. We have made plenty of silly mistakes. Now we are ready.

Our Planet Action Kit is a monthly subscription box for children aged 4-10yrs. Each month we aim to inspire children to love our planet and understand what a unique and wonderful place it is. We want to help them learn how to live in a way that is more in tune with the natural world. We want to equip them to live differently to the way our generation has. Each month includes something they can ‘Plant for the Planet’. There are four activities to motivate kids to LOVE The Planet (Learn, Observe, inVolve and Enjoy).

Lockdown has been a huge challenge for us as a species – but we have shown our ability to adapt and to come together when there is an urgent need to act. We have proved that we can make big fundamental changes when we put our minds to it. The issues of climate change and environmental destruction require our urgent attention too. And so in lockdown, I’ve taken action to do something to equip the next generation to be the change that our planet so vitally needs.

See… the walrus made me do it.

PAK Reviews:

“We were blown away by the box. I loved how it’s pitched, what’s in it, the design. The kids were genuinely interested and talked a lot about it afterwards”.

“We were all so impressed – concept, design, execution and level that it’s pitched – so good!”

Find out more:

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