Welcome to Planet & People
Delivering  workshops for environmental education and community engagement
Planet & People is a Community Interest Company founded in 2020 as a result of the growing need to empower communities to be drivers of change in creating a healthier environment for planet and people.

We have identified three main sectors of the community which have the potential for an enormously positive effect on the natural environment and secure a sustainable future for us all.

Key areas of impact:


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We are confident that these three key communities (schools, businesses and families) can act as beacons of change as sustainable living filters through society and has a positive impact on both planet and people. 


Planet & People works to positively engage with these three community sectors and take the pressure off by allowing environmental protection to be integrated in everyday operations. 


We offer workshops and sustainability programmes to support communities through carefully curated content that has been developed through years of experience working in education and environmental conservation. 


It was so nice to see that the children were left empowered to question adults about their sustainable choices"

Teacher at Kentisbeare Primary School

Image by Riccardo Annandale

"We are really interested in benefitting from your expertise"

Triallist at Waymakers CIC


We discussed sustainable approaches to think how we could do our bit. The littlies spent the afternoon creating musical instruments from recycled items. Everyone was catered for & entertained.