Planet Action for Families

We support families using eco-activities to inspire the next generation to create a better future for planet and people. Through simple changes, families can make a huge difference! We appreciate that time at home with your children is precious so we'd like to help you with positive, screen-free fun to bring your family  together and inspire a more ecologically sensitive lifestyle as well as learning about the value of nature wherever you live.

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JUNE - The solstice month, sweet strawberry nectar and sweet singing of the sunrise chorus. Long grass rustling as the hedgerows encroach and the wild unfurls. Barn owls hunting and bats flitting, the crickets humming ever louder as we seek the soulful shade of an old oak tree.


Find the 5 joys of June!

1. How many insects can you find in a grassy area the size of your dinner plate?

2. Can you see a bat (hint: Just after sunrise, or just as the sun sets!)?

3. Can you find a flower in your local green space, hedgerow or garden and draw it?

4. How many bird calls can you hear if you stop and listen? Can you identify any?

5. Ask your family if you can go to a new wild place (a woodland, park, river, or coastal area etc.) together.

This month's Planet Action:

Why not see if you can enjoy some vegetarian baking and see if you can make some meat swaps in your normal diet. Here are some ideas for recipes to try!

Send in your ideas, pictures, nature and sustainability stories to or join our Parents For The Planet Facebook Group or WhatsApp Group to share your findings!