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We inspire a positive and proactive response to the environmental crisis through our work in schools. Planet & People CIC was founded in 2020 by Devon-based teacher and environmentalist team, Bethia Stevenson-Paul and Jess Carter. Our work aims to motivate young people to value the natural world, make planet positive changes and enable schools to become beacons of change in the wider community via face to face Planet Action Workshops. 

Why We Do It

9 out of 10 children surveyed by Global Action Plan stated that they wanted more climate related education in their schools. Whilst environmental education is still not prioritised in the National Curriculum, it falls to proactive teachers, concerned parents and pupils themselves to gain knowledge and awareness of these issues. We are seeking to support schools wherever they are on their journey.

What We Offer

Our workshops run for half a day and we work with a maximum of 100 students at a time. We work hard to fundraise so that there are no barriers to schools accessing this vital education. Our workshops are fully funded, however, we do ask schools to make a donation to our Planet Action Fund and pay it forward to benefit other Devon schools.

From Autumn 2024, we are beginning a county wide project to deliver 'There's No Place Like Home' to as many school in Devon as we can. We are currently working hard to fundraise - please donate to our crowdfunder if this is a project you would like to support!

'There's No Place Like Home' takes an age-appropriate look at the climate and nature challenge. What does the data show us and what does it mean for our 'home'? The workshop is interactive, visual and ‘fun’ with a check in halfway through to respond to questions, feelings and thoughts from the children. We believe children should be aware of some of the ‘big challenges’ we are facing globally and our workshop ensures that they are left feeling positive and hopeful.

“It was lovely to see so much positivity poured into the children’s thinking about climate change!"

Cheriton Fitzpaine Primary School

"It was fun... it made me feel like we can all do something to protect the world we live in."

Pupil voice

"Bethia and Jess are absolutely amazing and create incredible environmental learning experiences that are hands on, playful and visual. Their careful consideration for how they support children with the emotional impact of the climate crisis is evident and leaves children feeling empowered and positive. The focus on hope when considering our environment is really powerful and very welcome."

St Peter's Primary School

Other workshops available:

'Speak Up' is a workshop we have devised in response to the growing global youth voice. Our workshop inspires children to speak up for the planet and inspire us all to make the changes they want to see.


'Hope' is a workshop we have put together in response to the growing issue of climate anxiety in young people and encourages children to use hope as a fuel for action through focus on good news stories and by articulating the specific future that they want for their planet.


'This Year On Earth' ends the academic year on a high note. In this workshop, children spend time focused on environmental good news stories from this academic year and expressing them creatively through large-scale art (summer term only).


'Planet Minded' looks at how the natural world impacts our minds - we look at scientific studies, our own experiences and think about how we can gain more benefits for wellbeing, thinking skills and brain boosts from time spent connecting to the environment.

The 'Environmental Health Check' is a practical, student-led, three week programme during which your school community will review where you are currently, and take steps onwards in your journey towards being more sustainable, more planet positive and more reflective in your choices and behaviours.

What People Say About Us

"Quality of the workshop - 10/10."

Thomas Hall School 


"A seed was planted to promote further thought and discussion about the ways in which pupils can help protect the planet."

Blundell's School 

"Bethia led the most wonderful workshop with our school today - every child was focused and inspired throughout her presentation and activities. The children interacted with each question and are very keen to be advocates of change. The workshop was just brilliant and we would LOVE to work with Bethia again in the near future - she was wonderful!"

Otterton Primary School

"10/10 - it was excellent quality with a great balance between hands on activity and learning and well-informed speakers who were excellent at inspiring."

"They were all completely involved, active and there was a good mix of educating and doing. They particularly enjoyed delivering the assembly and it had a great motivational impact on the whole school."  

St Peters Primary School


"You were great last Friday - I really appreciated your input in spreading the eco word in a whole school assembly.  Thank you for all your support, you are doing such an important job." 

Trinity Primary School 

What Next?

Welcome to Planet & People, a Devon-based Community Interest Company which empowers people to create a better future for planet and people.

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