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What schools say

Our material can be adapted for any age group, primary and secondary school. We encourage schools to book sessions for large groups (approx. 100) to be as efficient as possible in sharing our planet positive message! 


Teacher: "The session was really well-pitched for the age range. and the content and delivery was accessible and engaging - children were learning a lot but were clearly enjoying themselves and having fun whilst looking into some deep issues."

Teacher: "It was really nice to see the children feeling left empowered - that it was ok to question how adults were doing things. "


Year 6 girl: "It was very good - everyone could get involved in their own way. It didn't matter if you're shy or loud, it felt like we had a say."


Year 6 boy: "It was fun but it was moving - it made me feel like we can all do something to protect the world we live in."


Year 5 girl: "It's made me think that I can do more to help the world - even if it's just starting with something small."


Year 4 boy: "It's made me want to do more - I want to put myself forward as a school eco-rep now!"

Welcome to Planet & People, a Devon-based Community Interest Company which empowers people to create a better future for planet and people.

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