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February Findings

1st Feb Newsletter

LOVE the Earth with Planet & People

Learn - here’s what’s new:

The theme for the February Planet Action Kit is ‘Reduce Waste’. All of our subscription boxes are ready to post out to our subscribers. You can order (until 15th Feb) a one off box sign up for a subscription or send a Planet Action Kit to a friend.

Whilst researching for a recent blog on the global waste problem we read that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now three times the size of France. This sort of scale is mind blowing!

As we face further lock-down restrictions we have more time at home to take stock, talk to our children about these issues, planting seeds (both in soil and mind!) in the understanding that will enable them to be a force for change. February's Planet Action Kit will help to support you and your family. It’s full of practical tips, prompts for self-reflection, creativity and opportunities to learn about the systems in our society that deal with waste. We hope you enjoy it!


Observe - our wonderful world:

Delve into the magical world of fungi!

Also known as fairies’ baths, scarlet elf cups make a tiny puffing sound when they release their spores into the air.


inVolve - join in:

See our latest weekly blog entries! We have been chatting to people that inspire us, and hope this gives you some ideas of what to do with your children during lockdown. Let’s think about how we can support each other in these challenging times.

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Enjoy - from us, to you:

We have just released sales for our ever popular Planet Action Kit for February. Order now! Enjoy it even more with the discount code ‘EarlybirdFeb’ to get 10% off your order. The message of February, ‘Reduce Waste’, is vital. If you want to help encourage your child to make a difference for the long term - order now!

Click HERE to enjoy January’s audio story for FREE. Hear all about PAK’s adventures with wildlife inspired by the legend that is David Attenborough!

Planet & People has been founded by a teacher and ecologist team. We seek to engage children in environmental issues and to connect them to the natural world. We work to inspire lifestyle changes to encourage a lighter ecological impact and have a positive influence on the change-makers of the future.

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