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Green Shopping Not Green Washing!

Consumer habits really do make a difference.


Bethia: We (consumers) have ENORMOUS power in how and where we spend our money. This week, Jess and I have been reviewing our spending habits and pushing ourselves harder to make the most green and environmentally positive purchases as we’re putting together our Planet Action Kit. We aren’t interested in ‘green washing’ - we want people who buy our Planet Action Kit to be able to trust us when we say “our product is positive for people and planet”!

But it is REALLY hard. You will know this to be true if you have ever tried to make better eco-choices a part of your shopping habits. Two main challenges cause us issues:

  1. It’s often more expensive - it’s a niche market and so companies that are providing products that have the environment in mind have a smaller market. They also have a harder job to produce what they make and sell - they are avoiding cheap and nasty shortcuts. Hats off to them but it is a huge challenge on a small budget.

  2. Plastic is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. It’s infuriating but it’s cheap and easy so it’s used in nearly everything!

This means that our research often takes a lot longer as we search out companies and individuals who are going against the grain and making better choices for the planet. But it is something that we believe in and feel really strongly about. It matters to us, when we make a choice to buy a product on the basis that it’s an environmentally positive product, that it truly is. It’s a great marketing slant at the moment and it’s getting used disingenuously. This is frustrating as we are often paying more than we would otherwise be spending.

Planet and People want to be trustworthy! Each Planet Action Kit comes with information on the content and the eco-credentials of what’s inside.

Here are some of the criteria that we apply to our purchases each month:

Recycled - this means less to landfill and avoids using up raw materials.

Organic - it’s difficult to get organic seeds, but if we can, we do. It means that the soil has been left alone and nothing added to it which might have knock-on effects.

Small business - we are a small business and so we know what it’s like. Anyone going out on a limb to do their own thing, we want to support!

Handmade - many creative and traditional skills are being lost and are worthy of support. It’s also much nicer to get a one-off item as opposed to something mass produced.

Reduced plastic - wherever and whenever we can, we avoid plastic. All our packaging is plastic free (even the tape for the box!) and if we can make something ourselves, we will so that we KNOW what’s gone into it.

Have a look at our eco-credentials for February’s Planet Action Kit:

The Planet Action Kit for February is still available. Order now whilst stocks last!

We would love any recommendations or prompts to keep us on track with this aspect of the Planet Action Kit. We have already had loads of fantastic suggestions from our buyers. Get in touch ( with your thoughts.

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