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How to Green Your Workplace

Be an Environmental Healthcheck Pioneer - Be the change you want to see

This week's heatwave has brought record-breaking temperatures and hard-hitting images. For now, we might be enjoying the welcome sunshine, but in the near future there is no doubt that we are going to be experiencing more apocalyptic scenes, interruption to our food supply chains and damaging effects on both business and community. We must act now. As the legacy of bad politics and war has set us back, we can take the initiative ourselves and be proactive in our efforts towards sustainable community. Good business is pivotal to our stability and success. As the environmental pressures are continuing to build, why not take the opportunity to be proactive and be a market leader in integrating sustainability into your operations, attracting a more forward-thinking clientele and working with green ethics at the heart of your enterprise. During our month-long pilot programme, we will support you in building a positive mindset as well as encouraging you with practical steps that you can take to boost your success as a sustainable business. As green credentials become ever more highlighted, we will give you all the help we can to ensure you are working towards your green goals. In exchange for participation as well as open and honest feedback, we invite you to be a part of this green revolution as a pioneer member of our Environmental Healthcheck. The first session starts later this week!

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