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Marching on...

So, as the flowers are starting to emerge and Springtime pokes its head through the undergrowth (and the crazy weather!) we are getting cracking this month at Farleigh Farm Devon.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a flower stand to promote our British-grown flowers and our social enterprise to connect people with nature from Bickleigh Mill ( starting at the end of this month, over the Mother's Day weekend and continuing every couple of weeks! We shall let you know how it goes.

If you have a group who need an outdoor space to use, our arena, grass tennis court and pond paddock may be just the environment that you are looking for so do get in touch (call Jess on 07722301375 or email us on Whether you are keen to host a toddler group, yoga session, community gardening group or have a charity that needs a beautiful rural space, do give us a shout. We'd love to try and help you!

We are expecting the next addition to our family this month, so we are keeping ourselves very busy indeed. Watch this space!

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