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NEW LAUNCH - Devon Sustainable Schools Network

Updated: May 25, 2022

Bethia writes:

Brilliant Brains!

We think young people are brilliant. We know that it's mad to blanket an entire age group with 'brilliance' but, well. That's what we think. There's something about a young mind which has fewer prejudices, blocks and barriers to other ways, ideas and potentials. An adult mind has experience, wisdom and great qualities too. But we often have blind spots and inflexibilities that young people haven't developed yet.

This is our starting point for wanting to set up the Devon group for the UK Schools Sustainability Network. This initiative was started by Transform Our World. The network provides students and staff with a way to connect with peers, share ideas and resources, collaborate on local, national and international initiatives, and develop personal, social and workplace skills.

What Is UKSSN?

We (UKSSN) aim to make our schools, communities, regions and countries more aware of the climate and nature crises, and ultimately more sustainable, through… ​


  • Bringing together networks of students to connect and collaborate on local, national and international issues they care about, fully supported by school staff​

  • Deciding collectively which local, national and international campaigns and initiatives to support, bearing in mind our aim of bringing together as many voices as possible ​

Representation ​

  • Aiming to be as representative, inclusive and diverse as possible, working proactively to recruit schools, students and staff from under-represented regions, backgrounds and school types​

  • Holding a constructive and cooperative stance in order to involve as many as possible, in particular those not wishing or unable to join other movements


  • Seeking out opportunities and platforms for students and staff to share ideas, views and resources, to influence those with power and to develop personal, social and workplace skills ​

  • Going beyond focusing solely on purely environmental issues and highlighting the fact that the challenges affecting people and planet are interconnected​

What Next?

All will be welcome to join us and we envisage that we will run zoom meetings once every half term. Our vision is to create a space and then empower young people in their desire to act on climate change.

The first meeting is at lunch time on 20th June 2022.

If you think there are young people in your school community who would benefit from a space to use their voice and share ideas then get in touch with us and join our first UKSSN session (

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