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Parents Power Planet Action

The Magic of parent power is real! As a result of just a single parent contacting the headteacher of their child's school and suggesting we run a Planet Action Workshop, we have had the opportunity to get in front of a couple of hundred eager primary school pupils and get them thinking about how they can make a difference to the planet.

Did you know that the vast majority of children in schools want to learn about the environment and how to protect it, but yet the National Curriculum barely mentions climate change (see this article from the Guardian)? At Planet & People we are working hard to respond to this need. We are experienced educators and group leaders as well as being concerned parents and this is the way we feel we can best contribute to the climate crisis. Children are the future.

These are some things that are unique about us:

  1. We offer our workshop series to schools and large community groups in the South West (predominantly) with a broad focus on environmental protection, filling a gap that schools do not currently provide.

  2. We can 'pop up' anywhere - We are completely self-sufficient, leading large groups and providing all of our own equipment when needed. We are adaptable and have our own props if electricity/technology is not available. We are up for the challenge and can work with your venue or deliver workshops in pretty much any space!

  3. We offer termly environmental topics from 'Speak Up' to 'Reduce Waste' and can tailor our workshops to the needs of your group as well as offering environmental audits and conservation project coordination.

  4. Broadly follow the National Curriculum through our LOVE the Earth structure (Learn, Observe, inVolve, Enjoy = LOVE!)

  5. We work hard to fundraise and remove any financial barriers.

So, if you want to make a difference to the planet, you can with just a quick phone call or email to a head teacher or influencer in your area. Let's see how far we can take action for the planet and make a change for the better.

Next term's topic will be on 'Hope' and addressing climate anxiety. We have a structured programme which concentrates on good news stories for environmental protection, exercises to make positive decisions, a thought provoking creative exercise concentrating on your future self and a vocal exercise to have fun and feel empowered.

Here are a few snapshots to help you feel inspired about the next generation! Kids really are the best people to work with, full of ideas, inspiration and energy. What a privilege to call it our work!

FOR PLANET AND PEOPLE is a regular blog conversation by ‘Planet & People’ to reflect our values and behaviours and encourage open conversation on topical eco-issues.

We are the creators of the 'Planet Action Kit' (PAK), inspiring kids to LOVE the Earth. PAK is an educational resource and subscription activity box providing personalised learning resources engaging budding planet-friendly kids. The activities focus on the four main themes: Learn, Observe, inVolve and Enjoy and are centred around matters of environment and sustainability. We run Planet Action Workshops in schools and for large community groups where we develop the next generation of planet protectors using adapted materials from our Planet Action Kit. Find out more on our Website, Facebook group, and Instagram Feed.

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