We're all a part of the solution, even you!


Leave it to the experts...??

Bethia: Have you seen Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm? I confess that I lasted about ten minutes - when he bought a Lamborghini tractor, I fled. I couldn’t take it anymore. I know, I’m weak!

Lots of people have told me to give it another go though - because the journey that Clarkson goes on is such an interesting one and one that is essential for us all at the moment. He is one of the last people you would expect to be banging the ‘green drum’ - but after facing the facts and looking at the state of nature, even Jeremy is now converted. Clarkson has no environmental background or even the first inkling for how to interact with land to promote nature. However, as his mindset changes and he begins to see the essential need for us to change how we live on this planet, he makes steps forward. Full of mistakes and cringe-worthy moments - but they are steps and so they still COUNT.

How does he do it? He asks questions. He looks to people who know more than he does. He learns by doing.

If, like me, you sometimes think “I can’t do that - I don’t know anything about it” then think again. The environmental crisis is a planet-wide problem. We are way past the option of just leaving it to the experts. Every single one of us needs to be a conservationist, activist, environmentalist and much more if we are going to shift the trajectory we are currently on.